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Each may have their proper place. Re Moses again: The aspects in Indian astrology are based on a much different conceptual structure, and no one seems to know how they arrived at it or what its rationale is. Every jyotish planet makes that forward aspect. I think he was German. There are a few sites that look to be written in German. The letter represents a hand, or a single divine point. So, in practice Mars is the only one that makes that aspect.

DeFouw points this out as well on pg. Ernst Wilhelm, for example, uses that rule and programs it into his calculation of aspects in his Kala software. Ernst makes the point over and over that vedic astrologers tend to be technically lazy and have picked up a number of bad habits based on that tradition. I agree. Ernst also tries to say that Indian astrology was originally tropical for a sizable part of its history, which is a hugely controversial and potentially wrong argument to make, so appealing to him as a historical authority may have its pitfalls. DeFouw and Frawley however are mainstream leaders who restrict the use of the aspects, as do most practitioners of that tradition.

It is worth pointing out that only the special aspects appear in the Yavanajataka, so those probably were the original set. Parashara then would have been expanding upon the tradition or innovating. If this is the case, then modern day Indian practitioners who restrict the usage to just the special aspects would be adhering to the earliest part of that tradition, and rejecting what may have been a later development by Parashara. Parashara is a far superior text.

Aspect Patterns

But just because something is commonly used, even by leading figures, should just about never be used as the justification for why something should be done in astrology. You divide by 2, you get the opposition, by 3, the trine, by 4, the square, by 5, the quintile, by 6, the sextile, by 7, the septile and so on. To get the quincunx you have to divide the circle by 2. What is the point of that? I think everyone wants aspects to mean something, but in the case of the quincunx we should consider that there is simply a lack of meaning. Interestingly in the Thema Mundi, Jupiter is at 15 Sagittarius in the 6th.

I always wondered why the greater planet of beneficence would be in the anemic 6th.

Quincunx Aspect and Yod Configuration in the Horoscope - Astrology Tutorial

The very essence of a benefic then is salvation from unconnection. Nothing feels better than being bailed out of a bad situation, far better than things just being easy and free. Why should this configuration suggest someone has a special destiny? Okay that was just a cheap shot punchline, but you get my point.

The division is by Aspects, in that simple form, are nice little geometrical cartoons if you like to doodle in circles, and if you like to do that in whole numbers, that makes it all the more simple. Fact is that what any aspect, and all aspects, measure is a point in Time between a synod called erroneously a coniunxio and the course over time of that synod as it splays out and back to a new coniunxio.

Thus it is just as cogent to call Both are a measurement of time in the the cycle. As are 11 and All are a point in a cycle moving from synod to synod. All are an expression of time passing. TIME is the essence of astrology. Why not measure it? And if several cycles cross hatch in , why not notice it? Surely one must if one is dealing with dynamic time, rather than with static Ideal Geometrical Forms?

Perhaps the difficulty Patrick and others have is in coranic adherence to the aspicere root of aspect.

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Porphyry 8 says: tous pros allElous twn astepwn sxmatismous kalousin epimarutias… i. So the excessive etymological rigour of aspicere is perhaps missing the step of Time. Music you know, time, rhythm, beat. As a Medieval style astrologer, I have found this over and over again: folks delineate a chart, and attribute a particular characteristic which is obvious, not merely psychological or private to a new planet, asteroid, aspect, etc. Axel suggested that the very lack of a common modality or polarity, etc.

Oppositions share the same gender along with think you forgot to mention modality. Interesting that trines and oppositions share two. I believe a grand trine or a grand cross are much more important. Your argument would support that. Thanks for the interesting article. One last thing, and sorry for the double post. But in order for the mitigation to occur between signs in antiscia, and contra-antiscia to occur, the orb has to be within one degree.

I have fought over this for many years and have finally come to recognize that it must be within one degree, or else there is no mitigation. Likewise, planets that aspect the antiscia of another planet also need to be within one degree, at which point, yes, there is definitely an interaction. I will not go into details, but this chart illustrates antiscias very well. Jupiter is the 10th from Fortune and Mercury is extremely goaded. I am not, however, sold on the idea that a planet at 15 Taurus will see a planet at 15 Libra, just because they have the same domicile master.

The logic is stretched too far. Furthermore, in this instance, Venus would need to be at 15 Capricorn in order to witness both planets, at which case, then, there might be an interesting affinity. I have observed those without Yods consider them not too significant. I have 3 of them in my chart and while I am not an expert in Astrology, I have observed I am unlike other people.

My Awareness in Metaphysics was more advanced by the age of 8 than others in their adult years. Yods represent to me, missions accepted before the time of birth to accomplish in the physical. They come in the form of teaching others quietly, without drawing attention to self in the physical. There is no standard. There are no rules or guidelines, and we can just throw 2, years of tradition out the window. Oh, sure, in the large picture, everyone on planet earth is in aspect with one another, which is why the quincunx is an aspect — Chris you go on and define it quite technically, and in that technicality, you are correct.

However, I have found the yod to be a tool aspect or otherwise of consciousness connection. Which is why it is either very important or not at all. For most people on planet earth, the yod will mean very little because, truth be told, not too many people are actually trying to be more conscious then they currently have to be to maintain their lives at the status quo. In my experience, yods are opportunities.

I have the following description on my birth chart: a Funnel, focal planet Saturn, Yod, focal planet Jupiter, Pluto. Reading her ideas at this stage helped me make peace with how the yod impacts me. My guess would be Marc Edmund Jones, since he wrote an early work on chart patterns, although that is a complete guess. The off-sign energy seems to create a kind of dynamic stress. I run into people who have an ability to accomplish much because of the intense focus on the positive side.

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The Yod makes it even more focused, in the sense it tells you more of where this energy is going to be most strongly available. In negative manifestation, this same energy for focus can appear as obsessive-compulsive behaviors. If you check your own data you may notice this too. This could not be more wrong.

Where does it say that aspects have to conform to the narrow, archaic interpretation in this article? Both the quincunx aspect and the Yod as a significant aspect pattern have been well researched. Never trust an article that so obviously has a specific ax to grind. I feel so much lighter after reading your blog. My yod has always been dormant and now I understand why. Thank you for this enlightening explanation.. Hi Chris, sorry but I have to disagree. You are so so wrong about Yods and their effects.

My son and I have been under the influence of a temporary Yod for some time now. Our charts are very connected and although our foot planets differ our apex planet is Uranus. This Yod has caused a major crisis in our lives. We are both undergoing the same problem from different angles. I have always had a minor interest in astrology but during this time of extreme crisis, I turned to astrology for answers. You speak from the angle of someone who has never experienced the Yod — you are lucky but misguided. My dear friend I open your eyes and ears.

I actually have one in my own chart, as do several of my close friends. Relief is the word. Hence, here I am at your blog, and this article and subsequent comments are way over my head technically and frankly interest-wise, as well…but I am looking for yod info, so….. But, I will say that the description given me, fit to a tee.

Perhaps your yod is related to you focusing on the yod? Thank you Chris for your article. I learned some important basics about the aspects. Your article sparked some excellent discussion. Regardless of the state of her personal life, or whether she has a difficult personality, she has created great good karma with her resurrection of the lost arts of homemaking, teaching Saturn and inspiring Neptune other women Venus in Virgo, the same sign as Neptune and the North Node how to nurture Moon their homemaking skills.

Sun enters Scorpio

Martha has nurtured homemakers everywhere, encouraging women and men to take pride in their homes and cultivate their culinary skills. It is regrettable and seems unfair that a woman who has inspired so many seems to have so little enjoyment of the rewards she has reaped.

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May her soul ultimately find satisfaction and joy in all that she has achieved. American astronaut, James Lovell, has an amazing Yod. James Lovell has a twelfth house Saturn Yod in Sagittarius with one leg extending to his fourth house Taurus Moon and the other to his seventh house retrograde Pluto in Cancer. With mighty Saturn which is also the ruler of his Ascendant as his Yod Fulcrum in the mysterious twelfth house of secrets, the subconscious and things that are hidden from you, this exceptional man has been challenged like few others in the elite astronaut corps of which he was a member from to Death and danger have always been a part of his life.

Apollo 13 blasted off from Earth on Saturday, April 11, at p. Fifty-five hours and fifty four minutes into the flight and the day after the transiting Moon made a conjunction with the Pluto leg of his Yod, one of the oxygen tanks on the space ship Odyssey exploded, leaking precious oxygen into space and effectively ending the mission.

Millions of people all over the world held their breath for three and one-half grim days as Commander Lovell and his crew raced back to earth in their crippled space capsule. A heroic effort by the brave crew and scores of brainstorming scientists at NASA resulted in a triumphant ending to an otherwise harrowing event in the history of space exploration.

Saturn is the planet of responsibility and also symbolizes the Father. James Lovell has always had a great deal of responsibility, beginning when he lost his Father in a motor vehicle accident and had to take charge of his own fate before even graduating from high school. Disappointment followed by triumph over adversity is a recurring theme in the life of this remarkable man.

After logging the most hours in space hours and five minutes per nasa. Ironically, as backup Commander to the Apollo 11 team, he might have been the first human being to walk on the Moon, but this was denied Saturn him as the Finger of Fate pointed him in a different direction.

His powerful Aries stellium of the Sun-Jupiter-Uranus is ruled by the planet of war, Mars, which is in mutual reception with the planet of disruption, Uranus, and opposite Neptune. Death and danger have always been part of his life. Before he was an astronaut a very risky job indeed!

Although some Yod Bearers have difficulty finding their special purpose, this was not the case for James Lovell. Even as a boy, he was fascinated by rockets and rocket science. He was destined for the stars. His North Node good karma, karma we control is in Gemini, the sign of his Yod Activation Point, and the name of the Astronaut Corps program that set him on his path to destiny.

His South Node is in far-seeking Sagittarius, the same sign as his Saturn Yod Fulcrum -- he was destined to fulfill his passion for rocket science in a very direct way, ultimately being on the first team of astronauts to ride on the King of Rockets, the Saturn V. Pursuing his interest in rockets and rocket science would also eventually result in his being the only human being to have traveled to and from the Moon twice. Despite loss, delay, danger and close encounters with death, James Lovell has repeatedly turned adversity into achievement.

His courage, intelligence and strength of character have served him well in his odyssey through life. Even though he has nobly fulfilled his special purpose, he is probably still seeking mountains to climb and missions to accomplishment. Scientist Michel Gauquelin — Chosen to Revolutionize. Michel Gauquelin, the brilliant French psychologist and statistician whose work revolutionized the way world viewed astrology, was a Yod Bearer supreme with a double Yod that involved all of his planets in a dramatic, fiery focus of intellectual brilliance.

Astrological Configurations

The two Yod Fulcrum planets, the Moon and Uranus, are trine, working together to infuse passion Sagittarius Moon into a pioneering endeavor Aries involving the ancient art and science of astrology, which is governed by the planet Uranus. Gauquelin, whose father was an astrologer, had a lifelong interest in astrology and believed that statistics should support its principles.

Together, the Gauquelins collected hundreds of horoscopes and found that there was a correlation between the position of the Moon, the personal planets, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn; and certain professions. In one of our research samples -- composed of the birth dates of members of the French Academy of Medicine — the frequency of the position of certain planets was altogether unusual.

What we had observed was that a large number of great physicians were born when the planets Mars and Saturn had just risen or culminated in the sky. Like so many pioneers, the Gauquelins were attacked for their innovation.


Aspect Patterns in Astrology - a Good Vibe Astrology Tutorial

Mercury sextile Neptune means mind and soul are working together toward a special purpose. The Uranus Yod Fulcrum trine the Moon Yod Fulcrum foreshadows his scientist wife, who would play a big role in his life and work. The nurturing qualities of the Moon express themselves in the way the two Gauquelins nurtured each other, putting up a united front against those in the scientific community who did not agree with them.

The Moon quincunx Mars gave Michel an abundance of nervous energy. Even though at nine degrees apart Mars and Pluto are not close enough to form a conjunction, they still work together, as they are in the same sign and are both disposited by the Moon. Michel Gauquelin was a man of deep insight and prodigious intellect whose revolutionary discoveries turned the astrological and scientific communities upside down. Bill Tierney noted that it is often found in the charts of composers and artists, but also mass-murderers and murder victims.

The inclusion of Eris, Goddess of strife and discord in his nativity, aspects to the ascendant too, evidences an incredible and absolutely perfect fifth harmonic pentagram. If Addey is correct and the 5th denotes the abuse of power, then clearly Hitler was the perfect 5th harmonic instrument. Of course, there are other interesting factors in his chart that support the historical outcomes. With all of those ponderous outer-planet energies configured in this pattern, the Moon-Jupiter conjunction creates the most obvious channel for its expression, in the 3rd: by use of slowly building oratory Cap.

The quintile when viewed retrospectively in this way is comprehensible, and even beforehand it might be possible to put these clues together, but really, the most remarakble feature of this configuration is its power. It is like a Yod, but supercharged, and without the element of hunting dissatisfaction found in that pattern; it becomes, once activated, innate and in some manner overwhelming and undeniable. An angle works just as well. From my research the Golden Yod is often found in the charts of musicians and actors.

Kevin Costner has a Golden Yod to his Mc. James Dean has an incredible configuration of quintiles if you take a look at his chart. The negative potential is found in the charts of many notewrothy individuals. I have a fairly extensive library on the [bi]quintile now.

You may wish to include 36 deg. So, how do you interpret the quintiles in everyday astrology? For practical purposes it is uninterpretable, at least, not without the gift of hindsight. The majority are quite oblivious to this aspect because it is — as in music- an off-beat rhythm, it is decidedly Uranian in that respect, if the aspect were a style of music it would be a rather obscure form of jazz. On the other hand, it may be possible to explore some of the theme blends and see where that leads you.

Consider this list of personages with Moon in 5th harmonic aspect to Saturn:. Are you seeing a common quality? If it contains information on golden yods as opposed to normal yods however, I would be very interested in reading it. I am personally not convinced that NN would fail to function in either a yod or a golden yod, but they would certainly operate in very different ways, and a golden yod is always difficult to activate of course.

The Node is also not really an area of great expertise for me either, I keep meaning to read more and look at it more closely. Ju in good aspect to NN always seems to create a positive leaning to fellowship in a person for example. Good article on the Golden Yod. I appreciate that you truly seem to get it. As the person who first identified and wrote about this configuration, I appreciate that this concept is finally getting into the general discourse of astrology. As you probably know, this ratio 1. To Rick Levine — the great albeit controversial Magi Aleister Crowley had 3 interlocking quincunx yods that formed a pentagram.

Rather a fitting symbol given his talents. You say you have come to believe quincunx yods and so pentagrams are a weakened down version of their quintile counterparts. Leonardo da Vinci had one , so did Karl Yung and I happen to have one too.